Foundation Repair for your Kansas City Home

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If you are trying to find the number one services in Kansas City foundation repair then you have come to the right page. Pier Masters has been offering foundation repair services for its commercial and residential clients for more than three decades. One of the top foundation repair service provider of the Midwest, Pier Masters offers its services in the greater Kansas City metropolis along with other cities of Midwest like Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, etc. Their foundation repair experts of Pier Masters have successfully completed projects worth more than $80 million and has installed more than $43 million of items related to foundation support.

Why do I need foundation repair services?

The foundation structure is just like the skeleton of your house which is why it is generally considered to be the base of the entire property. There are many factors which affects the foundation structure of your home- changes in moisture in the soil, concrete problems, weakened clay and poor soil compaction are some of the reasons which might hamper the house foundation. Even the hairline cracks in your home foundation could blow up into a major problem with time. This is why it is always suggested that you contact the foundation repair experts before the problem gets out of hand.

The factors affecting the foundation of your home:

Foundation issues can rise from a number of factors. It might develop when the property has been built on inadequate soil or bedrock condition. This is a very common problem especially in Kansas City where the soil comes with a very high level of clay which in turn is vulnerable to changes in the content of water. Moreover the extreme temperatures of the Midwest can also lead to foundation issues.

How do I identify foundation issues in my property?

Foundation issues in your house can be easily detected. Whenever you see gaps between the openings and walls, cracks, sloping floor and other similar signs you can be sure that it’s time to call the experts of foundation repair in Kansas City or else the foundation of your home is going to deteriorate. All you need to do is give us a call and we will be sending over a specialist who can provide you with an expert consultation.

Foundation repair services offered by Pier Masters

Pier Masters offer the following foundation repair services to its clients in the Midwest.

  1. Foundation settlement and piercing
  2. Repair of cracks
  3. Repair of pushed in or bowed in walls

Why choose us?

Piers Masters is the one and only installer of Certified Chance in Kansas City. All our experts have had their certifications after completing the courses. They are veritable experts in deep foundation systems and have passed all the levels of installation training tests. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of foundation repair we know exactly what it takes to get your precious home back in shape. One of our representative would visit your property, determine the cause and the extent of the problem after a thorough inspection and finally suggest all the options you have before you.